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Established in the year 1999, Al Mashriq Furniture Manufacturing LLC has grown in to a prime leader of the Furniture Manufacturing. We recognize our clients and give them what they want according to their choice which is economically convenient.

Who We Are

Al Mashriq Furniture Manufacturing LLC specializes in manufacturing stylish, sleek and fashionable and on the other hand strong and quality furniture’s. Our comprehensive product ranges with continuous innovation through research and development are Office Executive Chairs , Sofa Sets , Multipurpose Seating Solutions , Auditorium Chairs , Airport Benches

Apart from the wide range of products Al Mashriq Furniture Manufacturing LLC offers our clients a variety of services which includes providing customization of special leather and PVC on Chairs and Sofas. Also if our clients have a model which needs customization our specialists will analyze and provide you with the best solutions.

Al Mashriq Furniture Manufacturing LLC is the producer of best quality controlled Chairs and Sofas. Our facilities and resources include. State of Art Technology Production Area. Experienced Research and Technology Department. Specialized Quality Control Equipments. More Than 200 Employees. State of Art Storage Solutions and Management. No matter how big the job, we have the technology, expertise and capacity to deliver the goods on time. Our varieties of resources help us to deliver goods both locally and internationally.


Doing good business gives us good name but delivering goods with quality and reliability gives us good customer relationship which in turn helps us doing good business for a longer period. So to attain this we have good state of art technology to check the quality of the goods we manufacture.

Al Mashriq Furniture Manufacturing LLC has introduced independent teams consisting of Factory Manager, Production Manager, Production Assistants, Supervisors, Foreman, Delivery In charge, Store Mangers, Quality Control Specialist who form a hierarchy to take up a job, plan it, execute it and finish the work efficiently as per the work flow and in each stage the process goes through a rigorous quality check and proceeds further.

Al Mashriq Furniture Manufacturing LLC has been continuously ISO 9001 since its first assessment in 2004. The ISO 9001:2000 Certification is an important mark towards our commitment for the quality control. All our products are eligible according to the BMTrada Certification Schema for approved quality systems under Certification No: 1099 which is another milestone.

We know that to manufacture best quality products we need best quality raw materials so that our clients are receiving the highest quality and best value goods. So we import materials from the top suppliers around the world which includes Taiwan, Malaysia, China, India, Jordan, Turkey, Italy and South Korea.

Promise means reputation so if we keep our promise means our reputation in the eyes of the customer is more and good. We understand that your order has to be there on time and we assure you that Al Mashriq Furniture Manufacturing LLC promises you that your orders will be at your place on the right time.

Since our reputation is based on the best and highest quality products we guarantee that our products are 100% quality controlled goods with which you won’t have to worry about the wear and tear of the products and it will speak on its own as soon as you start using it.

Al Mashriq Manufacturing LLC has been able to be so successful by enthusiasm given by our customers as we do the Customer Satisfaction Surveys in which we have been able to do more than good and give our Customers an excellent satisfaction through continuous development in our manufacturing process.

Al Mashriq Furniture Manufacturing LLC have specialized teams who understands the clients and their needs and give them the best possible solutions which makes us the best in this regards. Customer Relationship is the first and foremost priority for us.

With our latest techniques, equipments and facilities and skilled labors we are able to complete our work more efficiently and faster than before. For your convenient you can get your jobs delivered in batches which are an added advantage.

Would you like to know how comfortable our products are you can very well come to our showroom and look at all the samples what we have and you can choose from it. We can arrange samples at your door steps to feel the comfort and elegance of our products.

We at Al Mashriq Furniture Manufacturing LLC know that to maintain a high and quality profile in the market and to compete we need to redefine ourselves in all the ways necessary.

Our R&D team continuously looks around for the best and comforting chairs and sofas by sourcing the latest trends and technology thus producing the innovative and new designs and quality uncompromised products. Buying Power

Our purchase department teams travel around to see for the new suppliers and quality raw materials both locally and internationally which meets our requirement and of the customers which makes us take jobs of huge quantity which never compromises with the delivery of the goods on time.

Manufacturing of Chairs and Sofas needs skilled and talented man power which you can find with Al Mashriq Furniture Manufacturing LLC who are trained continuously and educated with the new products and techniques.